Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Where Hope Takes Flight Our first rescue was Otis, an older draft mule that was about to be put on a truck to Mexico for slaughter. He is HUGE, and the most gentle guy you could imagine. His knees hurt him and so we wanted to give him wings while he lives out his life here, with us. Read the Full Story
Eagle Wings Ranch Our vision is to inspire hope and encourage healing in the hearts, minds and souls of injured horses and grieving and hurting people by sharing the redeeming love of Christ with them. Read the Full Story
Horse Rescue - Human Healing We started rescuing horses that were headed to slaughter in the Spring of 2015 and quickly found that the horses had begun to affect us in ways we hadn't expected. We feel that the relationship between a person and a horse mirrors that of God and Man. Read the Full Story


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  • Eagle Wings Ranch, Inc
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Photography Credits

Most of our pictures have been taken by staff, but we'd like to give a special thanks to Robert O'Toole, Charlene Phillips and JoAnna Garza.

Robert O'Toole's gorgeous images of eagles helped give Otis his wings. 


More of his pictures can be found at


JoAnna Garza's beautiful photography is found throughout our site and you can see more of her beautiful images at


Many of our pictures were provided by Charlene Phillips.  You can find more of her work at

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Did you Know?

  • Foals are born with legs 90% of their full adult length. 
  • Most foals are born at night. 
  • A horse has two blind spots – right behind the horse and just in front of and beneath the nose. 
  • A horse’s height is measured in hands (4 inches) 
  • Apart from Antarctica, Australasia is the only continent with no native horses. 
  • The oldest ever horse lived to be 62!  

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Did You Know?

Foals are born with legs 90% of their full adult length.

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