Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Ranch

No Man Left Behind

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When Otis appeared on a fellow rescuer’s wall, I knew I had to rescue him. I had never rescued before and cannot define what it was other than the soulful look of him that made me want him. When I arrived at the kill buyer’s lot, he was in a small round pen standing in mud, he looked so sad, so lost, so without hope. Next to him was a large grey gelding painfully thin. So covered in filth it was nearly impossible to imagine what he would look like cleaned up. The man informed me that he was Otis’ buddy. I was skeptical at first, but when we led Otis from the pen, Smokey began screaming. Yes, screaming. I’ve never before or since heard a horse scream, nor do I want to. I approached the man about taking both of them. He replied “He’s worth $.41 per lb for slaughter. Pay it or leave. They are just money to me.”

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Sunny Days

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10487424 1136307179713909 3485941295404280119 nGrief seems to have been a constant companion of mine, often stuffed behind a smile and frequently hidden by my tough girl side. Until Sunny came into my life grief had threatened to overwhelm me. I felt much like Job wanting to scream “Listen closely to what I am saying. You can console me by listening to me.” (Job 21:2 NLT)

Grief had finally compounded upon grief and I was at my wits end because unresolved grief seeks to destroy ones soul. It is in my opinion one of Satan’s most effective tools. For it is in the darkness of our grief that our soul loses hope and forgets that “joy comes in the morning.” And it took Sunny to brighten my days. She was in desperate need when she arrived - not having been respected for her gentle and teachable nature, sold to a kill buyer pregnant and ready to foal, foaling in the filth of the feed lot, herded into a trailer. She had no idea her ransom had been paid.

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Shanin Moore

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As many of you might be wondering so have I been pondering, how did I get here? It began approximately 5 years ago when due to a major medical crisis I was searching for God. That search lead me directly to Truth, not just the philosophical concept but The Truth and an understanding that if I were going to know Jesus ( The Way, The Truth and The Life) I had to live a truthful life, a life that was authentic. I had lost myself somewhere along the way.  It began by being victimized by my mother's parents. Keeping this a secret became a way of life and I began to layer self-righteousness over the contempt the abuse had made me feel for myself. My self-righteousness and self-contempt produced more self-contempt which produced contempt for others, which produced more self-contempt, which was covered by additional layers of self-righteousness, layers upon layers.  Unresolved grief over my mother's death and later my daughter's death, hardened me creating a protective layer in an attempt to alleviate the pain.

Some relationships pierced through the layers and others did not and some never really tried. But on that cold snowy night that I cried out to God and He answered, the answer was Truth. And Truth peeled away layers upon layers upon layers to reveal a story that had never been told- the story of a little girl who had her innocence stolen, that felt she wasn’t good enough to deserve love, that longed for someone to reveal all the secrets. I’ve had people say that I became a lawyer to give that little girl a voice. I would say the more accurate statement would be that I became a lawyer to get away from my past not to give a voice to it.

As I began to learn the truth about myself and the ultimate Truth, life took many changes. Some relationships couldn’t survive all these changes, but God brought new more authentic relationships in their place. It has all been a process. And I ultimately ended up living here, rescuing horses and having them rescue me.

It is often said that the soul of a man or woman is reflected in the eye of their horse. They have taught me how to have a quiet strength, the very definition of meekness. They have shown me how to leave the past in the past and focus on today. They have kept me focused when a world of distractions were swirling around. They have given me a glimpse of the very power of the resurrection and just how much our relationship with God is mirrored in our relationship to these horses. And they have given me the desire to strive for authenticity with my God, my people and my horses.


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Did you enjoy the sunshine this week?  We sure did!

Videographer Needed!

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This week, I managed to cobble together this video from a variety of video sources. Trying desperately to get a nice picture of the daily routine of the ranch, I have tried two different pairs of "spy" glasses and finally resorted to taking video with my phone clipped to my chest. It's bumpy and never pointed quite where I want it, but there's something nice and candid about it, too.

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Wish List

The ranch is always in need of items to help it run more smoothly. 

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Did You Know?

Foals are born with legs 90% of their full adult length.

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