Thursday, June 21, 2018

About the Ranch

Newcastle Pacer Article

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Last week we were featured in our local paper!  Click the link below to read more!


Shanin Moore, James Durst and Rosie

The Beginning

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My husband and I began rescuing horses in April 2015.  I had no idea when I brought Otis and Smokey home that they had lit a fire and passion in me. 

A few weeks later Sunny and her newborn foal, Canyon, were rescued.  She was terribly thin and weak from malnutrition and had a huge abscess on her spine.  The next day a fellow rescuer posted a picture of a sorrel mare and her filly. 

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Wish List

The ranch is always in need of items to help it run more smoothly. 

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Did You Know?

Foals are born with legs 90% of their full adult length.

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